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DJ Risky Bizness - Fat Gold Chain Rap

DJ Risky Bizness - Fat Gold Chain Rap

1.Run-Dmc-Sucker Emcees (83)
2.Biz Markie-Make The Music With Your Mouth (87)
3.Fat Boys-Fat Boys (84)
4.Kurtis Blow-AJ Scratch (84)
5.Mantronix-Needle To The Groove (85)
6.Boogie Boys-Fly Girl (85)
7.Word Of Mouth Feat. Dj Cheese-Coast To Coast (86)
8.Ultramagnetic Mc's-Ego Tripping (86)
9.Kool G Rap & Dj Polo- It's A Demo (86)
10.Marley Marl Feat. MC Shan-Marly Marl Scratch (85)
11.Eric B & Rakim-I Ain't No Joke (87)
12.Big Daddy Kane-Ain't No Half-Steppin (88)
13.Doug E. Fresh Feat. MC Ricky D (Slick Rick)-The Show (85)
14.Roxanne Shant'e-Have A Nice Day (87)
15.Schooly D- P.S.K. (What Does It Mean ?) (85)
16.Cash Money & Marvelous-Ugly People Be Quite (87)
17.Krown Rulers-Kick The Ball (87)
18.Tuff Crew-Smooth Momentum (88)
19.Cool C-Juice Crew Dis (87)
20.Steady B-Bring The Beat Back (86)
21.Stetsasonic-Just Say Stet (85)
22.Whodini-Friends (84)
23.Beastie Boys-She's Crafty (86)
24.Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Do The James (87)
25.Mikey D & The LA Posse-I Get Rough (L.L. Diss) (87)
26.L.L. Cool J-Rock The Bells (85)
27.EpMd-Strictly Business (88)
28.Dana Dane-Cinderfella (87)
29.Salt N Pepa-Get Up Everybody (88)
30.Jungle Brothers-Straight Out The Jungle (88)
31.J.V.C. Force-Strong Island (87)
32.Run-Dmc-King Of Rock (85)
33.Eric B & Rakim-Eric B For President (86)
34.MC Shan-The Bridge (88)
35.Boogie Down Productions-The Bridge Is Over (87)
36.Just Ice-Going Way Back (87)
37.Beastie Boys-Paul Revere (86)
38.Kool Moe Dee-Go See The Doctor (86)
39.Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (86)
40.Joeski Love-Pee-Wee's Dance (86)
41.MC Lyte-10% Dis (88)
42.Audio Two-Top Billin (87)
43.LL Cool J-I'm Bad (87)
44.Public Enemy-Sophisticated Bitch (87)
45.Public Enemy-Public Enemy # 1 (87)
46.EpMd-You Gots To Chill (88)
47.Stezo-It's My Turn (89)
48.N.W.A.-If It Ain't Ruff (88)
49.Low Profile-Pay Ya Dues (89)
50.Ice-T-You Played Yourself (89)
51.The D.O.C.-Let The Bass Go (89)
52.Too $hort-Life Is... (89)
53.Boogie Down Productions-My Philosophy (88)
54.Poor Righteous Teachers-Rock Dis Funky Joint (90)
55.Special Ed-I Got It Made (89)
56.Gang Starr-Words I manifest (89)
57.Public Enemy-Rebel Without A Pause (87)
58.3rd Bass-Wordz of Wizdom (89)
59.Slick Rick-Children's Story (Knock 'Em Out The Box Mix) (88)
60.Nice & Smooth-Funky For You (90)
61.Three Times Dope-Greatest Man Alive (88)
62.Run-Dmc-Peter Piper (86)
63.De La Soul-Buddy (Native Tongue Decision) (89)